Top Spots to Eat and Drink in Pacific Beach

Top Spots to Eat and Drink in Pacific Beach

We all know that food and drink can make or break any locale, and here in San Diego tacos are almost as plentiful as IPAs. Nestled between Mission Beach and La Jolla, Pacific Beach offers a large mix of cuisine from seafood to dives and french bistros. Don’t want to wait around for that sunset surf session? No problem, we will include the best coffee spots so your morning surf session will be properly caffeinated. We also don't want to play favorites so pay no mind to the order of our list, we love them all and they are all number one.  

These are the top spots to eat and drink in Pacific Beach:

  1. Sushi Ota (4529 Mission Bay Dr)
    Hidden gem of a sushi spot

    Photos by Rhiannon Buchholz and The Thin Man.

  2. Oscar’s Mexican Seafood (746 Emerald St)
    Best all around for location and quality in PB
    Oscar’s Mexican Seafood  in San Diego Pacific Beach

  3. Java Earth ( 4978 Cass St)
    The best cafe around

    Java Earth in San Diego Pacific Beach

  4. Dave's Hot Chicken (1001 Garnet Ave)
    It’s in the name. Can you handle the heat? 

    Dave's Hot Chicken in San Diego Pacific Beach