Super Girl Surf Pro

Super Girl Surf Pro

If you made your way up to Oceanside this past weekend you may have witnessed the Super Girl surfing competition. This contest focuses on women empowerment and inclusivity in surfing. There have been many famous women surfers who have competed in this. This year, Olympian Caroline Marks was one of the popular surfers that participated in Surfer Girl Pro and took home the title of 2021 Super Girl Champ. While the surfing was exciting to watch, this three day event had lots of different things to offer to encourage empowerment and inclusivity. 

Good Company 

A lot of famous women surfers made their way to the Super Girl Pro competition. As mentioned, Caroline Marks, one of two women selected to represent the United States in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics competed in this year’s Super Girl competition. Bethany Hamilton, the famous surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack also made her way to the competition as a commentator for some of the heats.  


The Plain White Tees headlined at the competition. Along with their performance were other talented artists including Sofia Carson, Maggie Lindemann, and Austin Mahone. 

Adaptive Surfing competition

On the final day of the Super Girl Competition, an adaptive surfing contest took place. During this competition women from all around the world surfed in the competition with Bethany Hamilton as one of the commentators for the event. Six women surfed the Oceanside Pier to show off their skills. 


Just north of the Oceanside Pier where the competition was taking place you could find all women forums. During these talks, women discussed what it was like to be a woman and a woman of color in the surfing industry. These discussions were heard by many and helped in allowing further important conversations about the surfing industry to take place.  


In the finals for the Super Girl Pro competition Caroline Marks competed against Caitlin Summers. While Caroline Marks took home the title, it was a close competition for most of the heat. Caitlin Summers, a fifteen year old who won Super Girl last year, led the heat for most of the time. Caroline Marks took the lead at the end though by performing an air, landing a high scoring wave. This final was an exciting one to watch with Caitlin Summers proving to be a strong up and coming surfer and Caroline Marks performing an air, which has been a rare move in a women’s competition, but with her performance may become more of a norm.   

The Super Girl Pro Competition centered women and allowed for many athletes to exhibit their skills and high performances. This is an annual competition so if you missed it this year, make sure to mark your calendars to plan your trip up to Oceanside for the largest women's surfing competition!